One Room Challenge: Week 3, Plans, Paper, and Paint

Hello and welcome to Week 3 of the One Room Challenge! I  can’t believe we are half way there! Now that we are really into things, it’s a battle between me and the clock with the unknown variable of when this little baby will be born!


In case you missed them: Week 1 and Week 2. And here is a reminder of what we are going for in the nursery!


So where are we? Solid progress this week with paint and paper!

Getting the paper up was a huge relief. I’ve never papered walls before and I was blown away by how simple it was to hang the Kate Zaremba paper. It helps that I had an excellent partner in the process. My husband did most of the aligning of the pattern while I smoothed out the paper with a sponge. We split the process over two days even though we probably only spent 3-4 hours hanging it total because I wanted to get the chimney primed without paper up next to it. The door we papered over has its doorknob back in it now but it is still virtually invisible. I for one, cannot believe how well it blends in.

IMG_4580 2.jpeg

Between paper sessions I threw up six paint samples for the other walls. My plan was to pick a peachy orange but grabbed a couple sea foam options at the last minute. And of course, I went with the sea foam color. The oranges were reading as too different and often too dark depending on the light and while I could have gone back to the hardware store to try some other options but I really liked the lighter blue-green color so we steamed ahead with that one.


The color is Let it Rain by Benjamin Moore. I always use Ben Moore Natura on my projects. I think the coverage is great and I love that it is zero VOC. Pregnant or not, I think that’s super important in a paint. This definitely isn’t an ad for Ben Moore, I just really like it. I still need to finish the second coat on the walls but that will get done this weekend, just in time for a couple furniture deliveries!

The Big List


  • Remove and replace baseboards

  • Reinstall trim around entry door

  • Paint area above wallpaper and paint white

  • Patch floor around chimney

  • Repair gap between radiator and wall

  • Install picture rail

  • Sew trim on curtains

  • Order accessories

  • Install furniture and accessories

  • Photograph space


  • Repoint chimney and patch hole

  • Remove trim from around doors

  • Rehang entry door

  • Patch drywall around back door to create flush surface

  • Prime walls

  • Order picture rail

  • Order furniture and area rug

  • Hang wallpaper

  • Pick a color and paint walls without wallpaper

  • Prime and paint chimney

This is a little shorter of a post. Come back next week to hear about changes to the furniture plan we are making due to back orders and other fun issues!