One Room Challenge: Week 4, Furniture and Floorplans

Hello and welcome to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge! Past half-way and feeling pretty good! The nursery is coming together well and just in time - 4 weeks until the due date!


In case you missed them: Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

As promised, this week I’m finally going to share my floor plan and give a few furniture updates!

Nursery FP.jpg

The nursery is in part of the building that seems like it may have been added a little later. The entrance to the nursery from the apartment is on the left in the above floor plan. The closet and back stair doors are opposite the entrance and the windows face nearly more-or-less north. The room is fairly narrow, exacerbated by the chimney along the longest wall. Because of this I really wanted(/had to) to limit how much furniture went into the space. And, there were only a couple ways the room could be laid out.

Nursery Rendering.jpg

The program I have been using to make floor plans recently will render pretty much automatically so this is a view of the nursery from the rest of the apartment. The crib is across from the windows and up flush against the chimney. The glider will enjoy the indirect window light and that leaves the dresser between the doors on the back wall.


Here is the storyboard I originally shared. As you already know, I changed the paint color from a peachy-orange to Let it Rain by Benjamin Moore. A couple other things have also come up since then.

The glider, which I am incredibly excited for, is going to take longer to get here than desirable. I picked a fabric option that isn’t stocked so not only will the chair not be installed for the final photos, it won’t be in before the baby! It should arrive early June which is totally fine with me.

The PBTeen rug was super cute and I would have loved to have it in the space but it was backordered until mid-June. It wasn’t special enough for me to wait for so I picked a cotton rug from Dash and Albert that I really like and knew could get here on time. I went with the Bonnie Grey Woven Cotton Rug designed by Bunny Williams for D&A. And when I say I knew it could get here on time, I mean it showed up like three days after I ordered it with standard shipping. It is a lot lighter in person and the pattern much subtler. It’s definitely a good idea to check out a sample before ordering. If you live in Boston, Hudson in the South End has most available carpet samples and will order any they don’t for you.

During the planning for the nursery I was really focused on the major furniture pieces and didn’t actually think about the amount of baby stuff coming into our home shortly. We also asked people to bring inscribed books to the baby shower instead of cards and we have quite the library of children’s books now. Between the books, stuffed animals, and general baby supplies I needed a secondary storage option to the dresser. I love the Stairway Wall Mounted Bookcase from CB2 but I couldn’t justify buying a bookcase at this point. Luckily, I have access to a couple hand-me-down bookshelves and I will pick one this weekend.


In non-furniture news - the picture rail is in! It went up much faster than I anticipated, most of the labor was spent trying to estimate the angles needed to create tight corners. I would say I only really missed on one which was probably off by 10 degrees. Thank goodness for caulk!

I’m not sure the above image accurately depicts what is going on above the picture rail though…. That white paint is in rough shape and is the only painting left to do in the room. I will hopefully get to it today or tomorrow so the weekend and next can be devoted exclusively to the bookshelf.

The Big List


  • Paint area above wallpaper and paint white

  • Repair gap between radiator and wall

  • Sew trim on curtains

  • Order accessories

  • Install furniture and accessories

  • Photograph space

  • Bring bookshelf home*

  • Repair and paint bookshelf*


  • Repoint chimney and patch hole

  • Remove trim from around doors

  • Rehang entry door

  • Patch drywall around back door to create flush surface

  • Prime walls

  • Order picture rail

  • Order furniture and area rug

  • Hang wallpaper

  • Pick a color and paint walls without wallpaper

  • Prime and paint chimney

  • Remove and replace baseboards

  • Reinstall trim around entry door

  • Install picture rail

  • Patch floor around chimney

Again, make sure you check out the other guest participants of the One Room Challenge and I hope to see you back here next week!