One Room Challenge: Week 6, The Reveal!

IT’S HERE! The final week of the One Room Challenge! A few days late and one glider short but here we go!


In case you missed them: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, and Week 5.

It’s been quite the ride over here between prepping the nursery, work, grad school, and working on client projects but I love the way the room turned out.


First, a quick reminder of what we started out with. This was the room set up as our guest room with my husband’s childhood furniture. I really liked aspects of this space but, like most guest rooms, it was barely used. And without further ado, here is where we are now!


So much brighter and certainly full of cheer. I mentioned several weeks ago that I had contemplated doing a very neutral nursery which seems to be more commonplace when you don’t know the baby’s gender. I am so happy I chose to go with something bolder though.


The wallpaper came from Kate Zaremba who has tons of bright papers and fun prints. I found hanging it was much easier than expected, you don’t have to mess with paste, just wet the paper, wait a sec, and apply.

Can you spot the door?

I pulled the trim off from around the door to the right of the changing table, patched and smoothed the drywall around the door jamb and then we papered over the door itself.

After adding the picture rail and baseboard, you can barely tell it’s there. We didn’t wallpaper the sides of the door so we will see how it holds up but since it is rarely opened, I think it will be fine.


The Nash crib is a nice neutral piece with beautiful (and very sturdy feeling) birch wood. It lets the wallpaper shine and can be used in another nursery later down the line. The Connecting Dots mobile, matches the wallpaper quite well. It floats, nearly invisibly above the crib, in front of the newly repointed chimney.

That chimney was the single most labor intensive part of the nursery makeover. Repointing is no-joke. It is messy and time consuming. I wouldn’t recommend taking on a project much larger than this one without prior experience but I always love the feeling of satisfaction from learning something new and not needing to call in the cavalry.


The rug was a plan B after the initial option was backordered until mid-June. It is super soft and I couldn’t be happier with the pattern.

The bookshelf had been living in my parents basement and holding old ski boots. A couple coats of paint made it a serviceable piece of furniture to hold the books and toys from the baby shower.


Apologies for the dark photo but I wanted to give a little context for the super sweet duckling and bunny drawings that hang against the wall. These were drawn for me by my sister. Her instagram is the best way to find her. I’m trying to convince her she should make a wallpaper pattern of baby animals but so far no dice.


The hall leading into the nursery even got a mini-makeover. I finally repaired a vintage Verner Panton pendant we had hanging around. The bright orange is a hint to what follows!


I’d also be remiss not to share the work of my very talented cousin, Kirsten Beard, who while normally an illustrator, sewed this adorable sloth for the baby.


The final finishing touch in the room is the peachy colored door sides. I tried four different peachy-oranges before deciding on minty walls and found a way to incorporate that first thought into the space. They add a happy little surprise!


Back to the beginning! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read and to my husband for his hard work on the room!

Until next time!