One Room Challenge: Week 2, Inspiration and To Do List

Welcome back to the One Room Challenge! It’s week 2 which also means 6 weeks until the due date! Let’s get this nursery rolling!


Anyone who knows me would probably describe my personal palette as being pretty neutral. I’m generally drawn to greys, black, white, navy, and a “bold” splash of forest green. That is where I started with our nursery too! I was all set to do a neutral nursery with little bunnies and deer but the more I thought about it, the more that didn’t interest me. I blame it on seeing Stacey Blake’s nursery on Design*Sponge last year.

Stacey’s wallpaper is the happiest thing I’ve seen. And she made a great point that it is something that her daughter could keep up for much longer than say my Peter Rabbit fantasies. Between that and some encouragement from friends I ditched half of my Pinterest board and got to work planning the bright nursery below.

Chair  /  Dresser  /  mobile  (similar) /  wallpaper  /  crib  /  hamper  /  rug  /  pillow

At this point all the major pieces are ordered. I’m trying to come up with some additional storage apart from the dresser for books and toys but I’m feeling especially indecisive.

But that’s only half the battle (or maybe less)! The before photos of the room don’t quite show how much work the room needs. Exhibit A:


That is a big ol’ hole in the chimney that spent more than a year half filled with found bricks and a piece of scrap wood. Not a great look and a project that intimidated the hell out of me. But repointing and patching that baby was the first step to getting the space in order. I actually finished that project a little over a month ago but the new mortar needed time to cure so its only just ready for primer and paint.


Here is the room last week: chimney still curing, furniture partially removed and the trim around the back door removed. Removing the trim around the back door was not originally part of the scope of this project but my husband had the genius (or crazy) idea that we should wallpaper right over it to make it a secret door. So this past week I spent a bunch of time experimenting with joint compound to try to make the gaps between the drywall and door jamb disappear.


Oh wait, there’s another side to this room?!

Yes and it’s not without its share of projects. The door into the nursery from the rest of the apartment was hung by my husband and his friend when we had renters. They are good at a lot of things but hanging doors is not one of their specialties. But really, it wasn’t their fault, they were constructing the jamb from scratch and the walls in this part of the condo are made with metal studs which make all projects a little more complicated. So off came the trim and I spent a bit of time fussing with the door jamb to make it so the upper corner of the door doesn’t hit the frame when you try to shut it. Success! The trim still needs to go back up but shutting the door is now quiet as a mouse.


And here we are today! Walls primed, some baseboard installed, and a Koji hanging out on one of our dining chairs. Feels like huge progress and I’m excited to start doing some of the more fun part of the project. Paint! Wallpaper! Furniture! More trim installation! Ok, maybe that last part isn’t as fun but it is necessary. On to the list before I let you go..

The Big List


  • Remove and replace baseboards

  • Reinstall trim around entry door

  • Hang wallpaper

  • Pick a color and paint walls without wallpaper

  • Paint area above wallpaper and paint white

  • Prime and paint chimney

  • Patch floor around chimney

  • Repair gap between radiator and wall

  • Install picture rail

  • Sew trim on curtains

  • Order accessories

  • Install furniture and accessories

  • Photograph space


  • Repoint chimney and patch hole

  • Remove trim from around doors

  • Rehang entry door

  • Patch drywall around back door to create flush surface

  • Prime walls

  • Order picture rail

  • Order furniture and area rug

Solid amount done and a solid amount left to do. I hope you will continue to follow along in the process. Make sure to check out the rest of the guest participants in the One Room Challenge!